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Che Guevara

A Manga Biography
Chie Shimano - Illustrator
Kiyoshi Konno - Text by
Book: Paperback | 8.50 x 5.51in | 192 pages | ISBN 9780143118169 | 26 Oct 2010 | Penguin | 18 - AND UP
Che Guevara

Developed in conjunction with Emotional Content

An extraordinary illustrated graphic novel about the legendary political figure Che Guevara.

His name is equated with rebellion, revolution, and socialism. His face is on tee-shirts all over the world. Che Guevara's life has been explored and portrayed in numerous books and films, including The Motorcycle Diaries, and he continues to captivate the public imagination more than forty years after his death. Guevara became politically active in his native Argentina, but gained notoriety after he met Fidel Castro and became instrumental in Castro's efforts in Cuba. Guevara then went on to Bolivia, where he was captured and killed by the Bolivian army while trying to incite revolution. This illustrated biography tells the riveting story of Che's life and death through the popular Japanese art form manga.

Developed in conjunction with Emotional Content.

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