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    Stitches cover

in hardcover…


Anne Lamott

A wise and compassionate exploration of how we can make sense of life's chaos.

    May We Be Forgiven cover

in trade…

May We Be Forgiven

A. M. Homes

"In this vivid, transfixing new novel, A.M. Holmes presents a darkly comic look at twenty-first-century domestic life and the possibility of personal transformation."


in mass market…

Touch & Go

Lisa Gardner

    Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella cover

for Young Readers…

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella

Jan Brett

Jan Brett sets her Cinderella story in a snowy Russian winter where one magical night, Cinders, the most picked upon hen in the flock, becomes the most loved by Prince Cockerel when she arrives at the ball looking so beautiful that even her bossy sisters don't recognize her.

    Kill or Cure

from DK…

Kill or Cure

Steve Parker

Kill or Cure is a fascinating look at the history of medicine, from its earliest practices to the high-tech world of modern medicine.


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Catalogs are available for online viewing and/or downloading.

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Dutton/Gotham, Winter 2012
Includes Dutton, Gotham, Avery, Studio & Blue Rider Press
view online | ecatalog

Penguin Press, Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

Putnam, Winter 2012
Includes G.P. Putnam's Sons, Tarcher, Penguin Audio
view online | ecatalog

Riverhead, Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

Viking, Winter 2012
Includes Portfolio, Sentinel, Hudson Street Press, Library of America & Overlook.
view online | ecatalog

Readers Digest, Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

Penguin Merchandise Catalog
view online | ecatalog

Hardcover Late Addition Titles
view online | ecatalog

Hardcover 2010-2011 Backlist
view online | ecatalog

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Berkley Trade, Winter 2012
(trade paperbacks and hardcovers)

Includes Berkley, Ace, Caliber, Prime Crime, Daw & Alpha
view online | ecatalog

NAL, Winter 2012
Includes NAL, Riverhead, Perigee & Celebra.
view online | ecatalog

Penguin Books, Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

Plume, Winter 2012
Includes Plume, Gotham & Avery.
view online | ecatalog

Europa Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

Signet Classic 2010
view online

The Best of Penguin Classics
view online | ecatalog

Annotated Penguin Classics Backlist 2009
view online

HPBooks Auto Catalog 2011
view online | ecatalog

Paperback Late Addition Titles
view online | ecatalog

Paperback Backlist Titles

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Penguin Young Readers Group, Spring 2012
Includes Razorbill, G. P. Putnam's Sons, Dial, Viking, Dutton, Philomel, Frederick Warne, minedition, Puffin, Sleuth, Speak, Firebird, Grosset & Dunlap, & Price Stern Sloan.
view online | ecatalog

Illustrated Children's Backlist for 2012
view online

Young Readers Late Addition Titles
view online | ecatalog

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DK, Winter 2012
Includes Adult DK, Young Readers DK & Rough Guides
view online | ecatalog

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Late Addition Titles

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Penguin Audio Catalog, Winter 2012
view online | ecatalog

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Gift Catalog, 2011
view online | ecatalog

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Putnam Praise Christian Interest Titles, Winter 2012
view online

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Penguin Global, 2011
view online

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International Sales

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